International Women's Day 2022: Q&A with Sanjna Suri on #HerNameHerStory

International Women's Day ("IWD") is celebrated annually on 8th March to commemorate the achievements of women around the world. It offers an opportunity to call for change and spread the message of female empowerment and gender equality. 

In conjunction with the celebration, our campaign #HerNameHerStory is born to bring a message to our society that Women around us are strong and fearless. We are capable of offering the same as men and we deserve equal opportunities and enjoyment. We believe that every woman has a story to share about themselves.

We are honoured and excited to welcome our last guest, Sanjna Suri to join us for this IWD campaign. 

Q1. Can you share with our followers a brief introduction of yourself?

Hi! I’m Sanjna Suri. I’m an ex pharmacist turned actress and a model; Miss Supranational Malaysia 2018 and a proud furmom 🐶


Q2. We understand that you are a pharmacy graduate who left your conventional job as a pharmacist and is now pursuing your career as a model and actress. Why did you change your career path?

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been very passionate about performing arts. However, my parents found that line too risky and not sustainable and made sure I opted for a more stable career choice. After graduating and working for almost 2 years in hospital and retail pharmacy, i decided it was now or never and took that leap of faith to pursue my dream.


3. We note that you took part in several pageantry and have won several titles such as Face of Asia 2017 International Model, Miss Intercontinental 2017 and Miss Supranational 2018. What are the common pageant stereotypes against pageant girls and could you share with us your thoughts on such stereotypes?

I think they all believe we are high maintenance. Being a beauty queen isn’t actually being treated like royalty.. we have to do everything on our own, there’s really no behind the scenes glamour. It’s a lot of hard work, sweat, tears and a relentless determination to represent your country. Making it look so easy is an additional skill 😉 They are also frequently surprised to find out our crazy goofy sides. We aren’t prim and proper all the time. We have our non poised sides too, just like everyone else 😊


4. Have you faced any barriers in your career due to being a woman? If so, how did you overcome them?

Sometimes, but it’s all about proving your worth and your knowledge despite your gender. I dont let it get to me as I’m very aware of my thoughts. Even if it has impacted me, I quickly remind myself my worth and get back on my goal.


5. What progress have you seen or what progress you’d hope to see on gender equality in your life and/or work?

I believe there has been a lot of progress; people are speaking out more because they know their voices are being heard. I hope that all opportunities in life comes down to one’s skillset, not their gender. Perhaps Malaysia could have our first female prime minister? I mean why not right?


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Q6. What are the tips/advice you can provide to women who are thinking about embarking on joining the entertainment industry?

Do it!! But do it for the right reasons. Don’t ever do it for the fame, because you will never be content. If you have the passion and desire then nothing and no one should stop you.


Q7. What is the biggest factor that has helped you arrive at where you are today?

I always say this. The 3 D’s that has helped me go through the toughest times are DETERMINATION, DEDICATION & DISCIPLINE. When you put your heart and soul into your goal, with these attributes and doing it for the right reasons, there’s no way you can fail! 💪🏼

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