About Us



Here at psyndrome, we are consumers first, entrepreneurs second. After all, psyndrome was born not out of a desire for status, but because we saw a genuine need among jewellery wearers. 


Back in 2018, there was a gap between high-end, luxurious jewellery and costume jewellery. It’s almost as if jewellery was a game that could only be played by two very different groups. The field needs to be evened and jewellery, an intricacy that should be deserving of the wearers who love them. With that, came psyndrome—one of the first few personalised demi-fine jewellery brands in Malaysia. 


Demi-fine jewellery uses high quality material sans the price tag of typical luxurious jewellery. What costume trinkets lack in finesse, demi-fine pieces make up for in refinement. And what luxurious gems lack in accessibility, psyndrome makes up for in affordability. 


That should be enough—a bridge between the best of both worlds; but for us, jewellery is so much more than just an inanimate object, for they should contain stories made especially for the wearer. And this is the true value of our personalised jewellery—it’s an extension of you, a vessel for you to tell your story to the world, or a captured moment for a loved one when you give them this gift of remembrance and empowerment.


Customised jewellery brings with it a meaning unlike any other. A special kind of treasure crafted for you and only you. Ultimately, psyndrome’s demi-fine personalised jewellery is yours to call ‘mine’.

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