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Be Your Own Label


The Gift Guide

Gifting doesn't have to be complicated, we are here to lend a helping hand to make things extra easy.

Gift Now

"The fact that you donate is a sweet addition to the brand. I find that it encourages me to purchase more in the future because it makes me feel pleasant and just feels so thoughtful and amazing.

"Thank you for the swift replies and super great service.""

Nadine Naveena | Malaysia

"I will buy again definitely!! In fact I have some in my to-buy list already hahahaha"

Michelle Ma | Hong Kong

"Hi I just received the ring and it's beautiful. I love it, thank you!!"

Charmaine Chia | Singapore


I have received the parcel, the design is so beautiful and guess what, she cried when she received the gift. Thank you. Never expect this necklace to be so beautiful."

Zul Iqmal | Malaysia

"I absolutely adore it!! So glad it finally arrived!"

Hazel | United Kingdom