When Classic Meets Bold

When Classic Meets Bold

Anchored with a strong and remarkable fashion history since the early 1960s, all thanks to the fashion mogul herself - Audrey Hepburn, pearls are one of the rarest and most beautiful gems known that transcends through decades. Luster by nature, divine in power, they are essentially Earth’s gift to us. It is not a secret that the “pearlcore” aesthetics of yesteryear are having a renaissance moment even in the 2020s, with every fashion piece from pearl claw clips to Euphoria pearl eye-makeup, pearls are taking over and showing no signs of going out of style. The ocean-inspired gem has always been a symbol of sophistication and class, but what if we tell you that you are able to rock both ways? We are talking about a bolder and edgier way. Truly, the world is your oyster when it comes to pearls.


Pearl It Like A Minimalist 

Exude pure elegance with this easy number when it comes to minimalist styling. A single and smaller gem gives off the aesthetics you are searching for.

Initial with Pearl Bracelet

Initial with Pearl Bracelet (Plain Alphabet)

Initial with Pearl Bracelet (Diamond Alphabet)


Aegis Freshwater Pearl Ring


Pearl It Like A Maximalist 

Showing off the satin-like freshwater pearl with a grunge accent. Studded with tighter lockets, these pieces will definitely make a statement. 


Arya Mother of Pearl Signet Ring


Freda Multi Chain Bracelet


Hannah Gold Pearl Chain Bracelet


Honorable Mentions 

Style from day to night with these lustrous pearls in stunning 24k plated gold. Pearl-fect for layering and stacking, giving you all the pearl power. 


Clo Bold Cuban Chain Bracelet


Bianca Pearl Chain Ring 


Gold Baroque Pearl Bracelet


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