What are freshwater pearls?

What are freshwater pearls? Why are they so affordable? Are they real pearls? How to care for it? Read this guide to find out more.  


What are freshwater pearls? Are they real pearls? 

Short answer, yes, they are real pearls.

Freshwater pearls are created by using freshwater mussels in lakes, rivers and ponds. They were grown in pearl farms with the aid of technology rather than forming on its own in the wild.

A tissue (irritant) is implanted by a skilled technician in the host mussel to stimulate nacre secretion, and eventually form of what is known as cultured freshwater pearl.


Why are they so affordable?

Freshwater pearl mussels can be nucleated in this manner up to 25 times on each side of the shell. This larger harvest volume accounts in part for their lower price points.


How to take care of Freshwater Pearls?


  • Don’t soak your pearls them in water. Soaking can damage the nacre and thus compromising its durability;
  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals as these can damage your pearls.


  • Do avoid direct sunlight when storing your pearls as it can dry out the pearls and cause them to become brittle and lose their colour;
  • Do store it separately to avoid scratches.


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